7 Products to help you kick goals in 2018 with Emilie Fincher

7 Products to help you kick goals in 2018 with Emilie Fincher



Does anyone else feel like they just got off a rollercoaster? Can you believe it’s almost 2018? This weird week between Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect time to grab some down time, put your feet up and reflect and plan for the next year. It’s a cliché; the New Year’s resolution, but it’s a perfect time to reassess your plans and your goals. What working for you? What’s no longer serving you?

I’d like to publicly announce that I’m a bit of a resolution-aholic. Hi, my name is Emilie and I’m addicted to planning. Or should I say doing? I live for the rush of crossing things off lists.

I’ve had so much practice that I’m a pro at this goal setting. I stick to my goals and I constantly cross things off my list. You know how? I practice being reasonable. Yes, by all means, put the Iron Man on your to do list. Promise yourself a new house, plan that round the world trip but remember there’s a lot of smaller goals to hit before you get there. Want to finish your first triathlon but haven’t learned how to swim yet? Well… there’s your first resolution. Catch my drift?

Over the last 18 months I’ve lost 10 kilos and I must thank my fragmented goal setting technique. Had I written down ‘NOTE TO SELF: LOSE 10 KGS’ would I have done it? Uh… probably not, my friends. My goals included finding new ways to move that were fun for me (I learned how to rock climb! I’ve hiked so much! Countless hours of Yoga!), nourishing myself (I learned to cook delicious vegan food, I upped my water intake), and get extra rest (Yin yoga, magnesium baths, going to bed on time) and hey presto…without getting hung up on one goal I managed to reach it while acquiring new skills and enjoying my life. Reflecting back, it seems a little too good to be true.

I made sure I didn’t feel deprived, I didn’t stress myself out and I gave myself a break! Having said that I got out of bed early when sometimes I didn’t feel like it, I politely declined things that perhaps wouldn’t suit by goals and yes- I did put in work. It is about balance after all.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of my favourite products. These have given me a little motivation when I needed it or a little treat when I’ve ticked off a goal. A great little oomph so you can feel good about moving towards the things you want, no matter what they might be.



X50 has jumped on the Matcha bandwagon and I’m all about it. We all know X50’s delicious metabolism boosting green tea, but the new Vita-Matcha is next level! It’s still delicious (I’m in love with Pomegranate and Passionfruit!) but has combined green tea, matcha green tea, B vitamins and goji berries. Simplified? It’s delicious, gives me energy (green tea + B vitamins) and gives me an extra dose of body loving antioxidants. I’m not a massive coffee fiend, so X50 Vita Matcha gives me a little pep when I need it, and it’s amazing if you’re trying to kick a soft drink habit.


Raw, vegan, organic, Aussie made, gut friendly protein. I eat a plant based diet and I LOVE it. If I want to add a little boost to a smoothie, or I’ve smashed a big workout and want a little help with recovery I use a couple of spoons in my smoothie. It has all the essential amino acids so I’m getting all the building blocks to build lean muscle. I like knowing I’m getting a good source of fat, protein and carbs when I eat. Like I said, deprivation is not my style. Amazonia protein keeps me feeling fuller for longer and I love knowing I’m getting extra prebiotics and digestive enzymes. My favourite smoothie? Cacao coconut protein, cacao powder, banana, hemp seeds, spinach and almond milk. The spinach is totally unnoticeable, and it tastes like a dessert. Yum!


Like I said before, I like to move. I handed in my gym membership to find ways to exercise in ways that I love, it’s been so beneficial for my body (and brain). Sometimes there’s no escaping those post workout pains, no matter what you’re doing. Muscle soreness or cramps after a workout is common, magnesium is a water-soluble mineral that balances your electrolyte level and essentially gives your muscles permission to chill out. I like the Fusion Magnesium powder because not only has it got loads of bioavailable magnesium but includes amino repairing amino acid glutamine, as well as healing zinc and hydrating coconut water. I have it after an intense workout I know I’m going to feel in the morning.


Green Boost is another Australian company, all organic and totally nourishing. Another regular feature in my smoothies, I love Green Boost because it helps me up my micronutrient intake and keep me feeling 100%. It has a strong greens blend (spirulina, chlorella etc) as well as antioxidants, pre-and probiotics and digestive enzymes. I’ve taken so many greens supps and powders over the years and Green Boost is my favourite. No fillers and a smaller list of ingredients with more nutrients. In love!


Notice I didn’t pick just one product? I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Though my skin care products vary throughout the year depending on the weather, Eco Tan is ALWAYS in my bathroom. Eco Tan is Aussie made, organic, vegan and so luxurious. Anytime I want a bit of a bronze glow confidence boost, I reach for the Eco Tan. Shall I highlight my year-round favourites? Ok!

Face Tan Water: You’re welcome. Face Tan water is a skin loving water that goes on just like a toner. You can use it on clean skin literally whenever you want. I usually put it on the morning, once it’s dry you can go over with moisturizer or make up. It develops over a few hours and you have a subtle natural looking tan. I don’t use foundation anymore! Face Tan water is non-comedogenic, anti-aging and anti-acne. Dream. Come. True.

Winter Skin: moisturizer meets tan minus the chemicals, the orange colour and the smell. All natural, all nourishing. I have quite light skin, so this is perfect for me, if you want to go darker the mousse or the invisible tan will be perfect for you.

Coconut deodorant:  It’s a natural deodorant that works. I don’t need to go on here!


We all get sick. Even the healthiest of bodies will succumb to a virus… and those of us who are a little stressed and strung out are even more susceptible. When I’m feeling under the weather I jump straight on the Armaforce, I give up caffeine, skull lemon water like there’s no tomorrow and make sure I can sleep as much as possible. Armaforce is a dream come true with zinc, vitamin C and the combination of andrographis, echinacea root and olive leaf which have been used to treat upper respiratory troubles since forever.


Before this copper beauty came into my life, I legit carried around a Passata bottle. I struggle to understand water bottles under 500ml… we need between 2-3 liters a day! One fateful day my trusty passata bottle leaked and 750 mils of water ended up all over me, my books and my fellow passengers on the bus to the airport. What a literal and figurative mess. My Cheeki bottle is completely Emilie (clumsy person) proof and holds enough water to keep me going until I can get back to my water filter to refill!  I stay hydrated, I keep bottles out of landfill, I keep my fellow peers dry and happy. Every body wins!


My 2017 was fun and productive and I’m glad I could give a shout out to some of the awesome products that made my journey a little smoother, tastier, healthier and fun!



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