Autumn Immunity Tips With Emilie Fincher

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Autumn Immunity Tips With Emilie Fincher


With Emilie Fincher

Woah… One week we’re sunbathing, and the next we’re all nursing colds. Ah, the joys of living in Victoria. Bless this (meteorological) mess!

It looks like cold and flu season is upon us! Eek! So, looking to amp up your immunity? Read on my friend. Already sick and need help? We got you.

It’s tempting to curse your body for failing you when you’re feeling gross, but remember getting (a little bit) sick every now and then is natural! Chill. Make the most of it. Take some downtime, put your feet up and read this blog about how you can help your body recover!

So let’s begin with the basics. I’m going to list (yes, this is a list. It’s always a list. I like lists) these three subjects together because they’re ALL important for life. Yes, LIFE. Not just when you’re sick. Do these always. Thanks.

Stress, sleep, water.

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Stress check! Check in with your body RIGHT now. Are you shrugging your shoulders? Clenching your jaw? Are you breathing quickly? Alright, take a second. Take some deep breaths, relax your shoulders, soften your face. Doesn’t that feel better?

So, stress in small doses is natural! It helps us react quickly if we’re in danger. But chronic stress sucks! Long term stress has MANY negative effects on our health, and one of them is a weakened immune system. Now, I understand we can’t all quit our jobs and leave our mortgages behind to pursue stress free existence in a treehouse nestled in the rainforest (but if I don’t show up at work on Tuesday…that might be the best place to look. Just saying), but there are ways we can manage stress and lessen our load!

 What can you let go of? What are your priorities? Can you make some extra time for you, and activities you enjoy? What’s your screen time like? Can you lessen that? Can you meditate for 5 minutes a day? Take a bath? Go to Yoga? How do you like to chill?

Sleep check! Are you sleeping? This goes hand in hand with stress. If you’re tired you’re more likely to be stressed and if you’re stressed you’re less likely to have a deep, restorative sleep. So, what now? Chill on the caffeine. Limit screen time before bed. Give yourself a bedtime routine. Prioritise your 8 hours and make sure you get to bed on time! If you’re still having trouble, pop into FitHealth and have a chat, we have loads of sleep aids! I’ll list my favourites at the bottom of this blog.

Water check. 2-3 litres a DAY. You hear me? If I had a dollar for every time I had to say this I could afford my dream treehouse! You’re 60% water. Water helps fatigue, digestion, hydration (duh), circulation, absorption, hunger… I could go on. It will help you feel better sooner. It’ll lower your chances of getting sick. Please just trust me (if you don’t, google will confirm) and drink water.

Fruit and Veggies

Your first place to go when you’re looking to up your intake of vitamins and minerals. Try to eat a rainbow every day to make sure your body has all the help it needs to keep you healthy and strong. Want more info on your fruit and veg? Check out



Beyond your fruit and veg, including herbs and spices into your diet can help keep germs at bay! You can do this by adding them to cooking (try extra garlic, ginger, chili, cloves in some of your recipes), or by drinking tea! Look for echinacea, olive leaf, astragalus, lemon or elderberry. Looking for something different? Try Chaga mushroom powder added to a healthy hot chocolate for a medicinal immune boost, yum!

Wash your hands

Repeat after me- coughs and sneezes spread diseases. Germs spread easily. Wash your hands! Often! If you’re out and about, find a natural hand sanitiser you like. We all know this one, just a reminder 😉

Don’t hide from exercise

It’s very tempting to go into hibernation once it gets cold, but don’t forget your body likes to move! Find something you like and commit! Breathing with exercise can help rid the lungs of any nasties and reduce your odds of getting a cold.

Exercise can also influence your white blood cell count, which reduces your odds of falling ill. Of course, if you’re already sick- give the intense exercise a break. You need rest!

If you are struggling for some motivation, why don't you enter a challenge. The Sports Injury Clinic is hosting 100K in May which is a great way to get moving. Alternatively, join us in the 24 hour Walkathon hosted by Ultimate24 coming up in June. Both are fun, get you moving, are good for your health and your heart!

Get some sun

Or more specifically, get some Vitamin D. It only take a few minutes of sun exposure daily to get a good dosage. Vitamin D is also available through foods and supplements. So many Melbournians are deficient, especially over winter! If you think your Vit D levels are too low, it might be worth getting a blood test to see if you need a supplement.


We can all use a little boost, but we are all different! Immune supplements are an awesome addition to our winter wellness regime. Take a little time to figure out what’s best for you and your family’s need. Here at FitHealth we don’t want to send you home feeling overwhelmed with 650 vitamins and potions, we want to send you home with a simple solution that will leave you feeling better. You are always welcome to come in for a chat and see what suits your needs best.


FitHealth’s immunity go to guide

Looking for a little extra help? FitHealth are stocked with all your winter wellness needs! Check out these awesome little helpers. In list format, of course:


Fusion Stress and Anxiety

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EpZen Relax salts


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Aromae Bergamot or Lavender essential oil


Cheeki 1 litre stainless steel plastic free bottle

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Teelixer Medicinal Mushrooms

Rochway Olive Leaf Extract

Raw prebiotic Vitamin C

Bodhi Immunity Tea

Hand sanitisers:

Dr Bronners Lavender hand sanitiser spray

MooGoo antibacterial hand gel


Raw herbal pre-workout

X50 Green Tea Vita-Matcha energy Drink

Vitamin D:

Bioceuticals D3 drops

Immune supplements:

Fusion Astra8

Fusion Cold n Flu

Bioceuticals Armaforce

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