Detoxing for Spring Time

Detoxing for Spring Time

Detox blues

“Spring clean! Spring into Spring! Detox for summer! Detox for weight loss in just 25 minutes!”

Um, is anyone else a little sick of this rhetoric? Like please…I’m not a car overdue for a service, I’m a person.

Some of us are human and don’t have a spare $400 for a 5-day juice cleanse, let alone the patience.

Yes, I could do with a little dietary makeover (it’s been a fun and cosy winter of hot cacaos and comfort foods) but I’m so over the ridiculous programmes that leave us feeling fatigued, grumpy and hungry. I’ll bet if you’ve read this far, maybe you are too.

It’s officially Spring and it’s an awesome time to look at our diet, our lifestyles and our living spaces to work towards increasing vitality, clarity and happiness before the Summer silly season. Let’s not do it at the expense of our mental health, physical health and our bank account.

 Spring is the time of renewal and new growth, so yes! It is a great time to give your detox organs an extra hand to do their job (yep, they already know how to detox without a fancy 5 step program).

Ideally, we’re already eating a diet rich in a variety of veggies and lots of water, yet low in processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and trans fats. But -as I mentioned before- we are humans.

The 80/20 guideline (80% wholefoods, 20% everything else) is a good one to follow. Body food and soul food! Strict rules, diet shame and restriction are not my style. So, how can you Spring clean your world without driving yourself insane?

Think of this detox time as a spa retreat for your life, rather than a bootcamp. Envision gentle cleansing, not running and screaming through an automatic car wash. You want more metaphors? No? That’s fine. Set a detox time that suits you, perhaps 3 days, perhaps 2 weeks, and let’s go!


Getcho veggies. Fresh produce is only going to get more and more exciting as Spring evolves (I mean, if you get excited about vegetables. I do.) Think green! Add extra veggies to every meal, throw some spinach in your smoothie. Cucumber in your water. Celery sticks for snacks. Vegetables are natures multivitamin. They love you, try loving them back. Can you get to your local farmers market? Grab some organic produce! Support local, support yourself. Double win.

Take a break from sugars, gluten, dairy, alcohol, processed and red meat, and caffeine. That’s not to say these things can’t be enjoyed in moderation, but giving your body a break will allow your elimination systems to get back on top of their to do list and give you a chance to feel brand new.

Wait… Coffee? I know. Ouch. Depending on how much you love your cuppa, you may feel a little headachy and tired day 1 or 2, don’t worry. That’ll pass. In place of your morning (mid-morning, lunch time, arvo) flat white, try a herbal or matcha tea. Matcha has a much smaller amount of caffeine than coffee so it may help with those yucky coffee withdrawals.

 In terms of tea, these can help stimulate detoxification! No, I’m not talking about the tea-tox some permanently beach bound mermaid on Instagram is selling. I’m talking old-fashioned herbal infusions that your liver, lymphatic system, tummy and skin will love. Look for organic blends with herbs like burdock, dandelion, cleavers, calendula or nettle. Avoid laxative teas and 7-day programs. Drink as you like, yum! We have an awesome blend here.

Drink water. Clean water. You are mostly water, you need water.  It doesn’t matter what blog I’m writing I’ll tell you to drink water. I’m permanently attached to my Cheeki Drink bottle, but we have a great range of different bottles to choose from here. Flavour your water with lemon, mint or cucumber or berries to make it more exciting! Just drink water! Ah!

Now you’ve got the diet basics we can talk supplements! You do not need a stack of bottles and boxes and pills and potions. One or two carefully selected vitamins, minerals or herbal blends can make a huge difference in how you’re feeling. It’s always great to work with a nutritionist or naturopath to get a customised regime, or come down and have a chat to us a Fithealth, and we’ll find the perfect solution for you!

Some vitamins and herbs that tend to work well for most people are:

Formula Health Green Boost Naturopath formulated, Green Boost combines organic ingredients which has been carefully selected to create a supercharged blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to give your body the daily nutrients it needs. Added to the blend are probiotics and digestive enzymes to enhance nutrient absorption and support digestive health. Great tasting with an anti-oxidant level equal to 10 serves of vegetables in just one serve, your body will thank you. As well as provide your daily dose of nourishment with 7g of certified organic Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Chlorella and Alfalfa.”

Green Nutritionals Green Superfoods “A unique blend of the World’s 5 most nutrient-rich superfoods, GreenSuperfoods contains a natural super-rich spectrum of wholefood nutrients including powerful plant pigments and carotenoids, plant enzymes, complete plant protein, organic vitamins, minerals and trace elements, all in one exceptional product.”

Fusion Detox “Contains a synergistic blend of Chinese herbs traditionally used to optimise the body’s detoxification, cleansing and waste elimination, and to assist in the management of symptoms associated with suboptimal detoxification and waste elimination, including constipation, sluggish bowel function, fluid retention, mucous congestion, minor skin problems (such as minor boils and dermatitis), chronic inflammation and recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. May also aid the management of mild fungal infections and intestinal dysbiosis (disturbances in the bowel microflora) thanks to the Brazilian herb Pau D’Arco, which has antifungal and immune-boosting properties.”


Spring cleaning doesn’t just go for your house. Take a few minutes to think about your activities, priorities, hobbies and where all your energy is going. Pruning your routine and prioritising your energy can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Prioritise rest. Get enough sleep. Your body does most of it’s healing when you’re sleeping and well rested. To assure the best sleep you can avoid stimulants and quit all blue light screens an hour or two before you sleep. That’s TV, phones and computers! These screens mimic daylight and send our bodies the signal that it’s time to be awake, even when it’s not. Which leads me to my next point…

Get outside! Get some sun. Reset circadian rhythms with natural sunlight, not to mention the benefits of Vitamin D. Obviously be sun safe whilst doing so. 10-15 minutes exposure to gentle morning sun is enough.

Another great lifestyle mix up is checking in with your bath time routine. Does your beauty cabinet need a detox? Toxin free skin and hair care has come leaps and bounds in the past decade. We now stock healthier alternatives to fake tan, skin care, perfume, moisturisers, toothpastes, shampoos, soap, lip sticks… the list goes on. Check out our previous Blog on minimising Toxins in SkinCare Here.

So Enjoy your detox, reconnect with your body and get some fresh air!

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