Life as a Healthy Mum

Life as a Healthy Mum

As a mum, I know how easy it is to get carried away looking after your family and putting your own health and wellness on the backburner. If we do exercise or get caught up in a health kick (or in my past competing), we start to experience ‘Mummy guilt’. Mummy guilt is when you start doing something for yourself and as you do you find that you start getting guilty that you are spending time doing something for yourself. I will tell you know, you are doing something for your family by doing something for yourself. 

As I’m sure you know, exercise and clean eating has many benefits:

  • Improved health
  • More energy
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Physical appearance
  • Mental health

And much more.

What you need to remember is that your kids learn all their habits from a very young age by watching and learning what you do as their parent and role model. If you sit around watching TV and eating junk all day guess what your children will do. You should never feel bad doing something for you. To be the best mum, partner and role model you can be it is important to make yourself a priority to maintain your own health and happiness as well as teach good lifestyle habits to your children.

I like to get my 3-year-old son involved in what I do too. We go for regular walks, play at the park, dancing (yes, we blast the music and have a disco in our own home, it’s the best thing for bonding and stress relief!) and he even likes to train alongside myself and my clients when we are doing stuff such as walking lunges, squats, boxing etc. To him, this is a normal life.

As well as being active, I have also tried to feed him as healthy as possible teaching good nutrition right from the beginning. His favourite foods include blueberries, cucumber, salmon, avocado and chicken. Yes, this kid has expensive taste. It doesn’t have to be expensive though, frozen veggies, fruit, brown rice and oats are also a staple in our diet. The key is to try to make the foods interesting for them. Create patterns, designs and faces on their plate, make them look pretty and most importantly, make sure they see you eating the same foods and teaching by example.

Keep an eye out for fun family activities too. I have my son enrolled in swimming lessons at the local council swimming pool. With that, the family gets free access to the pool as many times as we want and it can make for a cheap active family fun day. Coming up we have registered for the ‘Walk for prems’ 5 km walk. Although he will be in the pram for the most part, he is learning the joys of getting involved in activities which involve exercise and afterwards there is a petting zoo, face painting and other fun things for the kids. Exercise and a fun family day out all for a good cause.

Make an effort to schedule some family fun activities in for your family and get creative with foods. This is your chance to sculpt your kids future.

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