Making the Switch to Natural Skin Care

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Making the Switch to Natural Skin Care


Some of us jumped onto the natural skin care wagon easily and some of us are dragged away from our favourite synthetic products kicking and screaming.  Maybe your skin isn’t reacting to your foundation so great anymore, maybe you’re sick of rubbing weird chemicals all over your face or maybe you’re tired of picturing that cute bunny being tested on.

Look, I know your old faithful mascara has been there for you since you were 15. Your foundation has hidden your teen breakouts, your early 20's hangovers and now it’s going the extra mile that caffeine doesn’t quite get you to. I get it, but I’m here to help!

Luckily natural make up and skin care items have come leaps and bounds since I started rubbing Patchouli oil and olive oil onto literally everything and using brown (the only colour available) mascara that rubbed off in seconds. Your skin will love you, and you will love your new beauty routine.

I’ll break it down.


  • Chemical Warfare. The ‘average’ woman uses about 15 products a day. That’s approximately 515 chemicals soaking through your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and everything you put on it can be absorbed. My rule? If I can’t eat it, I wont put it on my skin. Sure, my highlighter doesn’t taste delicious but it certainly won’t do me any harm! Now I’m not here to say all chemicals are bad, but when some of them are petroleum, mineral oil, perfume, formaldehyde, phthalates and carcinogens you’ve got yourself a recipe for a hormone disrupting, skin drying, acne causing skin ‘care’ regime. Um, no thank you.
  • The Environment. Not only are we lathering petroleum and mineral oil (aka industrial runoff from gasoline production) all over our bodies, we’re washing it all off again and it drains into our waterways. It takes 3 seconds of Facebook scrolling to see Zooey Deschanel telling us there’s plastic in the fish we’re eating. If you’re feeling weird about putting in your skin, I bet you’re feeling weird about it ending up in your sushi. Those exfoliating microbeads? Plastic, my friend!
  • The Animals. Those big toxic companies that produce $3 concealer with amazing ad campaigns are potentially still in the dark ages. I wont name and shame, but it just takes a quick google to see just how many companies still subject countless bunnies, monkeys, rats and beagles to testing their products. My question is, if they’re safe for humans to use… why can’t they be tested on humans? I won’t delve into the awful things they do, but animal testing is a thing of the past and it’s definitely time to make a positive step towards kindness towards animals (and your face).
  • Your Skin. While some people do report a transition period moving from synthetic make up over to natural, your skin will thank you for nourishing it will real ingredients! Whether you have dry, acne prone, itchy, sun burned, freckled, oily, dark or light skin- there is a product for you! Like I mentioned before, it’s 2018 and we are blessed with a smorgasbord of make up so pigmented you’ll be hooked in a second and skin care that smells and feel so luxurious you’ll be posting your glowing and radiant selfies in no time #blessed #nomakeup


Take your time. (Or jump right in - whatever works). What I’m saying is don’t get overwhelmed. When you find your eyeliner is a tiny little nub of useless black mess- replace it with a natural one. Phase out chemicals bit by bit. Do your research, or come in store and pick the FitHealth Staff’s brains- that’s what we’re here for! There’s no need to replace all of your 15 products at once- inch by inch is a sinch. If you are keen to make a change right now, start with the products you use the most, like moisturiser or foundation.

Remember that your products are natural. Your new shampoo may not lather like your last one- that’s because there’s less yucky foaming agents! Your new face cream may not smell like a fairy floss factory- that’s because they use essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances! Your new mascara may last 6 or 12 months rather than 24- that’s because they don’t use synthetic preservatives.

Experiment! I love trying new things, adding in new oils and gels to my routine and seeing what works for me! My skin has never been better! Need advice? We’re here to help.


And finally, here’s a list of all my favourite products from FitHealth you can bless your skin with.


Dr Bronners Castille liquid soap (yummy smelling, oil based, concentrated castile soap)

EcoTan Deoderant (I’ve done the searching for you, here’s a natural deodorant that works)

Every Bit Organic Aloe Vera Gel (Perfect after sun, perfect light moisturizer for oily skin)

Every Bit Organic Rose Water (Ph balancing and skin calming,  I use it just like a toner)

Grants Toothpaste (fluoride and foaming agent free, tastes great and it’s cheap! Win)

Every Bit Organic Rosehip Oil (Nourishing vitamin rich oil. Perfect for dry skin and it’s anti aging properties. I slather it on overnight)

Eco Tan Coconut Body Milk (Incredible for sensitive skin, perfect all over moisturizer)

Dr Roebucks Everyday Face (perfect moisturiser for day wear and under makeup)

MooGoo Cover Up Buttercup SPF15+ (goes on like moisturizer and works! Vegan formula, I’m in love!)



Eco Tan Face Tan (my fave, goes on like toner, is anti acne and gives you a natural golden glow)

Eco Tan Winter Skin (goes on like moisturizer and gives you a subtle tan you can build on)

Eco Minerals Flawless Mineral Foundation (powder that gives you a dewy finish and slight SPF)

Eco Mineral Alchemy High Light (gorgeous warm liquid highlight crème- I’m obsessed)

Eco Mineral Blush Uluru (perfect bronzer.blush for my light skin!)

Eye of Horus Bio Mascara (nourishing, growth encouraging vegan formula! Beautiful pigment and staying power)

Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect (best. Brow pencil ever. Beautiful colour, with a brow gel to hold your beautiful brows in place! In love with this one)


If you have any questions, or want to see our range come and see me (or any of our team) in store at Bentons Square.

Have a wonderful day

Emilie xx





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