#shoplocal and get healthy with Fithealth Nutrition

#shoplocal and get healthy with Fithealth Nutrition

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Show of hands please, who is feeling at the top of their game health wise right now? We are at the mid point of winter and most people I know have been sick at least once this cold season. Including myself at the moment. Who or what is your go to when you are under the weather so to speak? Do you hit up the chemist for pharmaceuticals or turn to a Health Food store for nutritionally based help? I’m a little of A but mostly B. And for me, that is where this week’s #shoplocal business comes in. Taking over what was a supplement shop, Sarah opened Fithealth Nutrition in Frankston’s Bayside Centre which has become a go to shop for all things health, nutrition and supplements.


Like Jen of Jen and Jennifer, our first #shoplocal feature, it is incredibly hard to find a pic of Sarah…so here is her adorable daughter helping out in store/drinking coffee (I don’t think that part is true!) like her mumma!


We, being hubs and I, first ventured into Fithealth Nutrition last year after hubs had been put on a FODMAP diet by his dietician. For those familiar with this, you’ll be saying ahhhh, I feel your pain sista, this diet although effective is a nightmare. And for those unfamiliar, it basically is an elimination style short term diet which takes all fructose, lactose and gluten (this is an EXTREMELY simplistic explanation) out of the diet then reintroduces said food groups slowly to see what works and doesn’t work for your body. And trust me, these things are in EVERYTHING. Especially sports nutrition products. Cue, massive problem for the hubster who relies on specialised nutrition for his triathlon training. Enter Sarah and Fithealth Nutrition. We basically went in, laid it all out there, issues, wants, needs and so on and Sarah went above and beyond to advise, source and supply appropriate products. His gut and my nose have never been so happy! 😉 

Hence, we’ve been stalkers of Sarah and the Fithealth team ever since. Stalkers may be extreme, but we are in store more days than not most of the time, checking out new products, having a chat, stocking up on the essentials!

These are one of hubs (& mine) fave products from Fithealth Nutrition. Lemon Mac is the fave ‘flavour’ of not just Tom & I, but Sarah too, and we all luuuurve coffee so I had to include this pic!

Though sports supplements and nutrition are only part of what Fithealth Nutrition are all about. They pride themselves on being a Family Wellbeing Centre as well. Whether you just need to stock up on Vit.C, want to try charcoal toothpaste (yeah I’m still undecided on this too although my gf loves it!), need some Super Greens or Beauty Boost powders for your at home smoothies or just want some Pana Chocolate, this is where you need to head. Sarah and her fantastic staff are there to help, not to push products on you but to find THE perfect solution to whatever you’re looking to achieve.

Onto the Q&A part of the #shoplocal post, here is Sarah…!


Please introduce yourself…

Hi, my name is Sarah Andersen and I am the owner of Fithealth Nutrition. My husband Adam and I live on the peninsula with our two beautiful children Oliver and Sophie (as well as our cat, dog and chickens).

What is Fithealth Nutrition?

Fithealth Nutrition is a Sports Supplementation and Family Wellbeing Centre. We cater to all aspects of whole health and wellbeing within a family unit. We have been transitioning over the last few years into the hybrid store that we now have and love. We have several distinct areas within our store, which include:

  1. Sports Nutrition, pre-workouts, proteins and amino acids.
  2. Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbal Remedies
  3. Grocery and health food items
  4. Childrens health, bento boxes, drink bottles and natural remedies.
  5. Clothing and accessories (Yay Ryderwear just arrived).
  6. Hair, Skin and Natural Makeup solutions (which is expanding as we chat)

We aim to stock a small range of all of the best brands, at competitive prices in a one stop destination shop for everything health and fitness related!

Where can we find you?

We have a shopfront in Bayside Shopping Centre Frankston (outside of Coles), and we have our online store. Additionally (and you heard it here first) we are due to open our SECOND storefront in Bentons Square Mornington in the middle of July!

Woo hoo!!! How exciting is that?! Make sure you’re following Fithealth on social media (links down below) to find out all the details on the store opening 


When did Fithealth Nutrition begin & why?

The truth is I fell into it. At university I studied business and marketing, and we moved to Victoria from Queensland just after I finished my degree. I started doing some book keeping for a Supplement Franchise Group, and got more and more involved and more and more interested in the world of natural remedies. The opportunity came up to purchase the GNC Frankston location, and Fithealth Nutrition was born from there.

Why #shoplocal is important to you?

We are a small, family owned business trying to keep the peninsula healthy! We support our local businesses and local families because that is exactly what we are! My husband Adam is a chef, for a locally owned restaurant. My children attend a local school. We participate in local events, and support local charities. We volunteer, and we have fun, work and relax all locally. Our local community is an amazing thing to be a part of, and it is full of wonderful, wonderful people. Who wouldn’t want to support that? We want to keep our peninsula economy as strong as possible, and small businesses are the key to that. As a small, independent retailer I am up against massive corperations. However, our customer service and the support of our community help keep local businesses strong.

The important question: TEA OR COFFEE???!!!!

Coffee. Large. And lots of it.

Hint, if you pop into store looking to chat to Sarah and you can’t see her smiling face, check the coffee bar just outside the store…chances are she’s grabbing a coffee!!

Where can we find you digitally? Give us all your deets!

Website: https://fithealthnutrition.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FithealthNutritionAU

Instagram: @fithealthnutrition

Email: Frankston@fithealthnutrition.com.au, mornington@fithealthnutrition.com.au

Before signing off, anything else?!

Absolutely! We will be opening our Mornington store so we will definitely be having a grand opening of some description with amazing specials (Keep an eye on our socials for updates). Plus, use the promocode “shoplocal” and receive 15% off our online store until the end of July!

How awesome is that?! Stock up on some winter essentials and boost the immune system, energy levels, balance stress levels etc!!!

Totally going to be trying this at long last with my discount!

So now we all know how rad Sarah and the Fithealth team are, who is heading in for some advice and awesome products? And if you aren’t local to either of the stores, shoot Sarah a message or email and she will help you find the product to suit and you can buy online! The Fithealth store is full of fab #shoplocal brands itself. #shoplocal supporting #shoplocal…the best.


Thank you again Liz for the support. To our Fithealth Family- head on over to Liz's blog page and see more about who is around so you can #shoplocal. xx

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