The Benefits of Magnesium - Emilie Fincher

The Benefits of Magnesium - Emilie Fincher

Written by our very own Emilie 

Did you know magnesium is an essential component of hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body? The average adult needs 250-350mg of magnesium each day! Unfortunately due to processing and depleted soil mineral levels- magnesium is no longer as present in our food as it should be.

Magnesium is a super mineral which can benefit everyone for a range of reasons. Whether you’re looking to soothe overworked muscles, balance electrolyte levels, ease PMS, need help getting to sleep, regulate digestion or even treat headaches- magnesium is here for you!

We love our magnesium here at FitHealth because it is so very versatile! It comes in powders, tablets, salts and oils, so it so easy for everyone to assimilate into their day to day life.

Replenish and wind down after a workout with Ultra Muscle Eze or Fusion Muscle Recovery powder. Use our Cabot Health Magnesium powder or Magnesium Forte to aid sleep, headaches, and stress. Epzen and Ancient Mineral bath salts can be added straight into your bath as magnesium is transdermal (absorbed through the skin!). Need cramp relief on the go? Both Karma Rub and Ancient Minerals have magnesium oil that can be applied directly the sore muscles. There’s so many easy ways to get magnesium into your life! It truly is a wonder mineral.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always here to field any questions you have in regards to magnesium or any other supplements and therapeutics.

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