Why you should say NO to Single Use Items- And what to use instead! - Sarah Andersen

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Why you should say NO to Single Use Items- And what to use instead! - Sarah Andersen

Help Fithealth and join the War on Waste- With Sarah Andersen
Plastic has become one of the most harmful materials to our environment, and yet as a country we seem to be OBSESSED with it. From plastic wrapping Banana’s (say whaaaat???), to having 3 layers of plastic on a t-shirt, we are filling our landfills and polluting oceans from our plastic obsession.
As we know, when we know better we do better. So Fithealth have created a list of how to help reduce plastic in your every day lives, as well as some sustainable options for everyday replacements

Coffee Cups:

According to Sustainability Victoria, Aussies consume more than 50,000 cups of coffee every 30 minutes, with an estimated 1 billion takeaway hot drink cups every year. If they were lined up, they would stretch around the entire world TWICE!
Instead, opt for a reusable and sustainable coffee cup. We have the Joco Cup in an 8oz (small), and 16oz (large) which is a Glass barista friendly coffee cup with a Thermal Silicone Lid and Sleeve. Alternatively, we have the I Love Earth Collapsible Coffee Cup if you are always on the go and conscious of space in your bag.


Aussies use about 10 MILLION Single Use Plastic Straws Daily. 10 MILLION! Nicole Nash, a Marine Biologist, is trying to highlight eh damage straws are doing to Marine Life. They are polluting Coral and ending up in the stomachs of Turtles and other Marina Animals.
Say NO to a plastic straw and take your own Reusable Straws. You have an option of Stainless Steel or Rose Gold in Bent or Straight, as well as a Bamboo Range by Ever Eco. Plus, they have a really handy “On the Go Kit” which provides you with a single stainless steel straw, a cleaning brush and a handy travel pouch so you can keep your straw in your bag at all times. 

Plastic Shopping Bags:

Plastic bags are all over the news right now with Major Supermarkets ditching the single use plastic (yay!). Aussies use 10 Million Plastic Bags every day, which is a crazy 4 Billion a year. It is estimated that 150 million plastic bags get dumped into our oceans and waterways. Removing them from Supermarkets are a step in the right direction! At Fithealth we currently have Biodegradable Plastic Bags, however we will not be reordering these. Once we run out of bags, we will have no more.
We do however have a range of Shopping Bags. ONYA offer a handy Tote or Reusable shopping bags that scrunch up into a small pouch when not in use. They come in two sizes, a Small and a Large. They also have a carabiner, which means they are easy to clip onto your bag.  Ever Eco have a really cute range of Tote Cotton Net bags with either a long or short handle.

Bread Bags

Support local and shop at your bakery instead of the supermarket for your bread. Firstly- you are supporting local business and local families. Secondly, you can say No to the Plastic bag and opt to take your own Reusable Bread Bag!

Produce Bags:

Next time you are at the supermarket you can avoid grabbing the single use green bags for your fruit and veggies by instead purchasing some reusable produce bags. We have a variety of produce bags to suit all fruit and veggie needs. Grab an 8 Pack of Mesh Bags by Ever Eco, or a 5 pack by Onya. Both come with a storage pouch so you can clip them to your other reusable bags and never be without. We have a Muslin set for Onions and potatoes, or net options if you prefer organic Cotton. Whatever your requirements for produce, we have an eco friendly solution.

Cling Wrap

We all use cling wrap at home either to store leftovers or in our food prep. Say no to the plastic single use cling wrap and invest in a set of Reusable Bees Wax Wraps. Not only do they act in the same way as cling wrap, but they come in a range of awesome colours. Alternatively, we have the 4 My Earth Food Cover Set, which is easy to wash and comes in a few convenient sizes.

Lunch Boxes

Save a bit of coin, reduce the plastic and avoid the take aways by packing your own Lunch. We offer a range of Lunch Boxes for varying appetites and styles. Go Green Lunchboxes with a cooler bag and an 8 cups capacity, down to the Munchbox Snack Box with interchangeable trays- we have you covered!

Lunch Order Bags

Kids love a lunch order, but say no to the paper bag. Instead, invest in a reusable order bag that has a really handy Zip Pocket to hold coins (no more lost coins).

Feminine Hygiene

Say no to single use menstrual products and explore the options. We have Lunette Menstrual Cups (OMG- cups are the best) or we have the Reusable Hannah Pads. Whatever your choice, our team is happy to discuss our experiences with you- so ask us all the questions you have! 

Drink Bottles

Drink Bottles. Ditching your plastic drink bottle is not only better for your health (you don’t want nasty toxins leaching into your water) but it is better for the environment. Big Bottle Co 2.2L Drink Bottles, Pete Evans Glass Filtered Penguin Bottle, Cheeki Stainless Steel either Insulated or Non-insulated, Blender Bottle Drink Options are just some ideas for your on the go needs. 
So as you can see, there are lots of ways to get started on a plastic free journey. Remember, it is a journey and you take small steps towards the bigger picture. Be proud to inspire other people along the way, and be proud that you care about our planets future. We would love you to share your photos of Eco Friendly Options with us, with #saynotoplasticwithfithealth

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