100K In May with The Sports Injury Clinic

Winter is nearly here, and this is commonly the time of year everyone starts to slow down on their activity. DON'T BE THAT PERSON.

The Sports Injury Clinic 100K In May

Instead- get involved with 100K in May thanks to the Sports Injury Clinic. 

The idea, is to move, hop, skip, jump, swim or cycle a distance of 100km over the month of May in an effort to stay active as the colder months creep in. 

Break it down. 100km over 1 month is only 3.22km per day. 

Or- if you want to give weekends a Miss and ONLY be active on the 23 weekdays that are in May, then you have to move 4.34km on each Weekday in May


Fun Fact- although this isn't our actual event we are fully supporting it, because a lack of exercise is bad for your health! Sitting is the new smoking, and our wonderful Exercise Physiology Department and Myotherapy Department at the Sports Injury Clinic are seeing more and more sedentary related problems with the body. Let's help to counter that by making the effort to move!

Now for the important info:

How do I track my results?

Join the Sports Injury Clinic Facebook event page (Click Here), then sign up to our Count.it tracking page, connect your phone app, fitness device or smartwatch and start working your way to 1,250 points.

It’s all about working out to earn points. 100km = 1,250 points! We’ve converted steps, cycling, EP sessions with The Sports Injury Clinic, running and swimming into points so you can work out the equivalent of your workout in km’s.

1km running = 12.5 points
1km cycling = 3.7 points
1km swimming = 50 points
1 x Excercise Physiology session = 50 points.

Don’t worry. You do the exercise. We do the math!

Where do I get more Info?

Jump over the The Sports Injury Clinic Webpage and Find out all there is to know.

How Do I register?

Follow this Link for Count.It and let these guys do all the calculations for you. All you have to do it commit to being active!