Belinda Van Schalkwyk

My name is Belinda van Schalkwyk.


I am 21 years old, born in Cape Town, South Africa and I’ve spent most of my life in Melbourne, Australia. I started training at the age of 17 to build up some muscle, as I was quite underweight and had gone through years of malnutrition. From there, I fell in love with the health and fitness industry and couldn’t see myself in any other career.

I have completed a certification in Performance Nutrition Coaching, and am currently completing my Cert III and IV in Fitness to become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I have also had the privilege of being able to work alongside Sarah at Fithealth Nutrition and learn about supplements and health products.

I’m currently a Barbell Recomp Athlete, prepping for my first competition season in March 2018. I strongly believe that with any goals we set our minds to, it is important to work hard and put in 100% determination, diligence and effort. But even more importantly, the journey needs to be a process that we can enjoy along the way too. I’m lucky enough to have 10 years of cooking experience, so I prep all my own food and love to experiment with different flavours and cousines.

I also make my own pre-workout using Fithealth’s products to fuel my body effectively and assist me in recovery after my training sessions.

“Thanks to Sarah at Fithealth Nutrition for her ongoing support since I first walked into the store as a customer years ago, and for keeping me on track with more than just my training, but my mentality and life goals too.”

For enquiries about training, any questions, or to stay updated with my progress, feel free to follow me on:

Instagram: belindaavs96

Snapchat: belindaa96

Shop Belinda's Stack:

- Fusion Women’s Balance
- Magnesium (Topical- I use Karma Rub)
- Healthy Essential Fish oils
- Bioceuticals Armaforce

Pre-workout I make my own:
- Rule 1 Creatine
- Body Ripped Carnitine
- Aptech Beta Alanine

During workout:
- BCAAS/electrolytes (I use X-Tend)

Then post workout I have:
- Green Boost
- Rule 1 Glutamine

And occasionally I’ll have a protein shake if I need something on the go.