Body Re-composition Sessions with James Gaston


My name is James Gaston (BBiomedSci) and I am a body composition specialist.  I pride myself in the ability to change a client’s physique according to their goals, whether they be to lose body fat, get stronger or gain muscle.

You are provided with an individually customised online training, nutrition & supplementation program based on specific information that you provide me. However, face-to-face consultations are provided to ensure unique programming and successful attainment of your desired results. This facet separates me from the other online trainers, who merely provide online services.  I update your programming on a weekly basis based on progress and results.  

My Science background enables me to incorporate scientifically-proven methods to achieve results for a diverse range of clients. I have prepared athletes for bodybuilding competitions AND help clients lose stubborn body fat. If you are unhappy with your current physique or are interested in participating in a bodybuilding competition, let me help you achieve guaranteed results!

James Gaston Body Physique Body Re-composition Programme


So How does it all work?

Firstly, if you are interested in Body Recomposition then you need to email James answering a Series of provided Questions. Is this necessary?


James is not interested in a generic- one size fits all programme. James is going to completely tailor a programme to suit you, your needs, your body type and your goals. He isn't going to take a stab in the dark at what "could" work or what "generally" works. He is going to customise something that WILL work for YOU.

Which means, you need to take a few minutes telling him all about yourself by answering the questions in an email. Once you have emailed James answers to all the questions (remember, more info is better than less!) then select which Re-composition Package suits you best.

Packages include a combination of face-to-face consultations and ongoing online support. Regular Weekly Check-Ins are essential to stay on track and evaluate progress. Bundled packages include a Nutrition Programme, Training Programme, and Supplement Programme.

James is going to take the time to create a CUSTOMISED 3 pronged approach to Changing your Body Physique to suit your goals. 

What are you waiting for?

Step 1. Select your Package

4 weeks (1 x 45 min consultation & 4 x Online Check-ins) = $199 ($49.75 p/week)

8 weeks (2 x 45 min consultations & 8 x Online Check-ins) = $359 ($44.875 p/week)

16 weeks (4 x 45 min consultations & 16 Online Check-ins) = $649 ($40.5625 p/week)

6 months (6 x 45 min consultations & weekly Check-ins) = $899 ($34.58 p/week)

Nutrition Program $99 (no consultation or follow-up)

Training Program = $99 (no consultation or follow-up)

 *All come with supplement programming (with recommendation from in-store supplements)

Step 2. Email through to James

Copy and Paste the Following Questions and Email through to with the Subject Heading "Body Recomp"

Required information: 

  • Name, Sex, Phone Number and DOB
  • Food intolerance or allergies
  • Food likes and dislikes 
  • Current amount of daily meals  
  • Current daily intake total calories and macros (if known/applicable)
  • Weekly amount of training sessions strength 
  • Weekly amount of training sessions cardio ( steady state , hit or other )
  • Weak areas for strength 
  • Weak areas for hypertrophy ( development )
  • Injuries if any 
  • Movements that are uncomfortable 
  • Fasted morning weight 
  • Front and rear relaxed photos in natural lighting

**Please note that James frequently works with elite athletes, and this questionnaire is designed to reflect that.

If this is a new system to you or you are a beginner to Body Re-composition, answer the questions to your best of your ability with the knowledge that you currently have. James works with both beginners and elite athletes.

Additional Information:

Client must be available for Face to Face appointment on a Saturday. Consultations times will be set by James. 

Online Check-in must take place between Midday Saturday and Midnight Saturday. An updated programme will be sent out or updated Sunday Evening (if not sooner).

While James is working with Fithealth Nutrition and utilising the spaces that Fithealth Nutrition offers, James Gaston is not an employee of Fithealth Nutrition. 

These consultation services are operating separate to the daily operations of Fithealth Nutrition. Fithealth Nutrition is simply providing the space for James to operate (and we are loving it!).