Emilie Fincher

Emilie is FitHealth Nutrition’s holistic therapy enthusiast. She’s a 20 something plant based Yoga teacher loving life on the Mornington Peninsula. Born in the Adelaide but raised on the Peninsula; Emilie has been interested in nature and movement her entire life.

After a slew of injuries stemming from being born with hip dysplasia and being a competitive gymnast in her younger years; Emilie tried almost everything to correct her posture, ease pain and frequent migraines. It was by accident that when training with a local circus at age 16, one of her instructors led her through some Sun Salutations and she was hooked on Yoga. The physical and mental benefits were undeniable!

She continued to practice casually through gyms and circus until her 20’s when she found a regular practice with friends and teachers. Her interests took her through Nepal and India where she trained with multiple teachers in a range of styles. It was here she began to grasp the wholeness of Yoga; not just a physical practice but a way of living. She graduated her original 200 hours in Vrindavan India in early 2015. From there she spent 9 months in an international preschool in Thailand where she introduced healthy eating, Yoga and Meditation into the curriculum. Her first adult class was taught in a small studio in Vientiane, Laos where she taught NGO’s, backpackers and locals before finally decided to make her way home and spread the Yoga love to the Peninsula.

Emilie has studied 2 years of Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health, as well as completing 200 hours in Ashtanga Yoga in India with Radhika Yoga Institute, and a further 50 hours in Yin Yoga in Byron Bay with Byron Yoga Centre. Between teaching Yoga Classes and exploring the world, Emilie works at FitHealth Nutrition amongst some of her favourite health and wellness products.

Emilie loves FitHealth as it mirrors her owns opinion that healthy looks different on everybody.

Everyone is different. Everyone’s yoga practice will look different and everyone wellness routine is different. There is no one size fits all approach to a healthy life.”

No judgement, no crazy rules, no body shaming- just an eclectic, motivated and upbeat community of people who want to be their best selves. “For me it’s really important I know what’s going on or in my body! I love natural skin care and creating healthy vibrant meals that are good but also good FOR me. Eating healthy shouldn’t mean feeling deprived. Of course the occasional Vego chocolate bar for good measure!”

A lover of food, Emilie’s vegan way of eating serves her purpose of practicing ahisma (non-violence) towards herself and others. She feels healthy, happy, and most importantly not restricted. She loves the huge range of herbs, therapeutics, vegan skin care and makeup and groceries FitHealth carries.

Currently, Emilie teaches regular classes and Happy Pants 1549 Movement Studio in Tyabb and YogaHarta Health and Wellbeing Centre in Seaford, as well as taking private students and spending time at FitHealth Nutrition. Over the summer you can catch her at Dromana Pier teaching Yoga with Yoga Sanctuary Australia. She has a dedicated and regular practice in Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. Emilie is passionate about instilling self-love in her students. She believes yoga can benefit everyone, whether it be by physically or mentally; yoga will help you where you need it.

Supplements: -Melrose Vitamin C Powder -Fusion Stress and Anxiety -Fusion Energy Multi

-Bioceuticals B12 Spray -Bioceutical Ultra Muscle Eze -Grateful Harvest Kombucha -NUUN electrolytes


Groceries: Power Super Foods Cacao         Hemp Foods Hemp Oil  _-RAW Salted caramel coconut protein -Select Foods bulk products   

Personal Care: Grants Toothpaste   EcoTan Face Tan Water  Everybit organic rosehip oil -Everybit organic rose water -Eye of horus Bio Mascara -EpZen Epsom salts -Dr Bronners castile soap -ever Eco bento box -EcoTan coconut deodorant

Household Items: Go Bamboo eco toothbrush -Cinderella Cleaning products


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Instagram- @emiliefincher