Fithealth Ambasador Nicky Jacobson

Nicky Jacobson


Personal trainer Nicky Jacobson is one inspiring athlete. Originally a Dancer, Nicky turned to body building a physique following an injury.

She explains. “I’ve been body building for ten years. I love the fact that you can turn yourself into something you want to be, but you’ve got to work hard. I’m up at 5am, seven days a week, doing yoga, pilates, boxing, ballet barre class, cycling and fun runs. I was the silver medallist in the Bikini Diva and Sports Model Masters at the INBA Natural Olympia sections in November 2015 in Vegas. It’s great to feel strong and beautiful.”

Nicky's Supplement List is as follows:

Aptech BCAA

Rule 1 Whey Blend

Dymatize Z-Force

Fusion Women's Multi-vitamin

Rule 1 Creatine


Ultimate Fitness Gym Mornington

Nicky is also the Owner of Ultimate Fitness in Main Street Mornington. Why do we love it? Because it is run and owned by our very own Nicky Jacobson. If you want personalised service, where you're a name not just a number , this Boutique Gym is perfect for you

They offer 24 hour full gym set up plus the bonus of 20 small group fitness classes per week all included!

Barre, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Cycle, weights Circuits, Tabata, Metafit plus outdoor classes, run club, all of which suits a variety of fitness levels!

All you need is $50 ( one-off/non-refundable for security keys) and $10 per week direct debit fortnightly!!!

Facebook: Ultimate Fitness By Nicky J