Who Are we

Fithealth Nutrition is a complete Sports Nutrition and Family Wellbeing Centre, offering a wide range of Natural Solutions to today's lifestyles. We identify ourselves as a hybrid store, catering for every member of the family.

We are a complete blend of Sport Nutrition and Supplements, Health and Wellbeing Vitamins and Herbs, Health Food Store Grocery, and accessories to complement a healthy lifestyle. 

 We stock a wide range of products including:

  1. Protein Powders (Vegan and Whey)
  2. Pre-workouts and Amino Acids
  3. Mass Gainers
  4. Weight Loss Supplements
  5. Endurance Electrolytes and Gels
  6. Fitness Clothing and Bamboo Clothing (and Underwear)
  7. Organic and Whole Food Pantry Items
  8. Kombucha on Tap (and in bottles)
  9. Superfoods and Green Powders
  10. Vitamins and Minerals
  11. Herbal Remedies
  12. Kids Supplements
  13. Bento Boxes for Adults and Children
  14. Drink Bottles and Reusable Coffee Cups
  15. Natural Hair and Skin Care (Including Moogoo and EcoTan)
  16. Natural Make-up

Fithealth Nutrition Stands apart from other Health Food and Supplement Retailers with the quality of Staff and our Customer Service. Let us take the guesswork out off supplements, vitamins and minerals and let our experienced team help match you with products suitable to your needs. After all- there is No Such thing as "One Size Fits All" in health!

Our Goal, was to create one shop to provide health products for every member of our family. And we did it!

     Come in and see us at Shop SP021, Bentons Square Shopping Centre, Mornington, or call us now on 03 5973 4593 for top quality advice.