Why we don't sell our own brand

Why don't we sell our own brand supplements.


At Fithealth Nutrition, we take great pride in working with our qualified staff to find the right solutions. In discussing individual needs it is our No 1 priority that we provide the best solutions to fit individual needs, and remain completely objective in doing this.

Each individual is different, with different requirements, tastes and objectives.

There are a number of reasons why we don't sell our own brand products.

  • We are retailers, and not manufacturers. We simply don't have the expertise that major supplement Companies have in developing cutting edge supplements.
  • We need to be impartial and select the best products for the solution needed. We could not possibly provide the range we have in our own brand.
  • Our staff are under no pressure to sell our own high margin supplements.
  • Unlike other stores, our staff
    • do not have a policy of bait and switch towards any product range
    • do not have targets to achieve of own brand products
    • will supply what you ask for, and not an inferior substitute.

It is well known that major chains have fixed targets set for their stores to achieve a certain %age of own brand products, and put immense pressure on their staff to achieve these targets. These are products which have higher margins for stores. The products don't carry the store name, in many cases, but you will recognise them as being unique to that store, and stocked to the ceiling. You ask for your favourite product X and then get a list of reasons why you should buy own brand product Y instead. 

At Fithealth, we only stock TOP QUALITY Brands. See for yourself right here