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Creatine monohydrate is the most widely studied and clinically supported ergogenic dietary supplement, and its supremely uncontested value deems it a staple for all strength athletes.

Creatine enhances a natural physiological system for ATP synthesis inside the muscle, combining with a phosphate group and increasing the energetically favorable generation of ATP from ADP and creatine-phosphate. This reaction also scavenges hydrogen ions, staving off intramuscular acid accumulation and consequent muscle weakness.

The creatine-phosphate molecule also increases a chemical force called osmosis, drawing water into the muscle and increasing muscle size immediately. Genetically, creatine activates a muscle protein synthesis signal inside muscle, mTOR, which propagates muscle hypertrophy and further accelerates real muscle growth.Together, these effects combine to generate significant increases in peak power, athletic performance, and muscle size.

Made in Australia.