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Select Health Foods Almond Oil is high in Vitamin E and D and is a great alternative to olive oil.

Select Foods Almond Oil can be used as a carrier oil for massage or bath additive.

Biogenic Almond Oil is a pure and natural oil, extracted from the dried kernels of the almond tree, Prunus Amygdalus.

Select Health Products is an Australian owned company that specialises in a wide range of natural, organic and premium foods for healthy eating or special dietary needs.


Use as a salad oil or as a base carrier oil in cosmetic preparations.


Pure Cold Pressed Virgin Almond Oil.

About Select Health Foods:

Select Health Products is an Australian owned and operated Company established for more than 65 years. Select Heath Product have three distinct brands - SF Health Foods, Biogenic and SF Superfoods . Specialising in a diverse range of products including Wheat and Gluten Free, Mueslis, Dried Fruits, Nuts and Meals, Pulses, Organics, Grains, Functional Foods and special dietary needs - we're sure to have something for you.