Bio Medicals Organic Tasteless Coconut Oil

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Want to gain all the benefits that come with regularly consuming coconut oil but not a fan of the taste and/or aroma? Bio-Medical’s signature Certified Organic Tasteless Cooking Coconut Oil has absolutely no taste, flavour or smell, making it the perfect vegetable or refined oil substitute to use when cooking. It is also great to use in a range of kid’s meals, as they tend to not be a fan of the coco-nutty flavour that comes with traditional virgin coconut oil varieties. The coconut oil is gently extracted from fresh coconuts harvested in South Asia. This is a truly revolutionary product! Very few coconut oils in the same affordable price range on the market are in the same league. Don’t take our word for it .. try for yourself today!

Our revolutionary packaging and secure-clasp lid has been created to ensure minimal risk of leakages.

100% Certified Organic Tasteless Cooking Coconut Oil (NOTHING ELSE!)

Vegan | Paleo | Certified Organic | Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free


  • Use coconut oil as a replacement to any unsaturated (and therefore unstable) oils
  • This oil is perfect to use to cook your fish or meat in, as it provides no coco-nutty aftertaste or aroma during the cooking process
  • Include a tablespoon of tasteless coconut oil in your hot beverages, juices & smoothies
  • Include coconut oil for its rich, creamy texture in a range of both cooked & raw food recipes & desserts
  • Refrigerate coconut oil until it becomes solid (below 26 degrees) to use as a healthy alternative to butter or margarine spreads
  • Apply coconut oil topically as a body & face moisturiser
  • Use tasteless coconut oil as an all-natural, fragrance-free lip balm
  • Apply coconut oil topically to treat skin irritations or fungal conditions
  • Dab coconut oil on a cloth to use as a furniture polisher
  • Apply Coconut oil to the hair and leave for at least 3 hours for a deep hair treatment.
  • Coconut oil is safe to add to pet’s meals