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GAT PMP signals the arrival of a brand new era of intense pre workouts. PMP is designed to take your endurance capacity, muscular output and pump levels to the next level. GAT has carefully selected ingredients to help provide you with pulsatile waves of ergogenic, workout enhancing energy and power. Here’s a rundown of exactly what PMP Provides:

  • Wave 1 – The first wave will hit you extremely quickly. A burst of stimulating energy hits your central nervous system, providing you with motivation, attention and liveliness. Ignite your desire to blast through a high intensity workouts with caffeine, acetyl l-carnitine, theanine and tyrosine.
  • Wave 2 – The second wave brings with it supreme concentration and intensity. Get ready for laser like focus which will have you hitting all your exercises harder, faster and stronger. The mind-muscle connection will never feel stronger.
  • Wave 3 – As you start to really get into your workout, the third wave of action crashes through, bringing with it a skin tearing pump. Prepare yourself for a blood rush to your working muscles bringing with it oxygen and nutrients to help sustain endurance and help you explode with power.

Together, all of the ingredients work in conjunction to provide you with the cleanest, crash free energy and power that you will ever experience. Get ready for something new, get ready for a serious PMP with GAT.