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Gluten is a natural protein in some grains, particularly wheat. It is this protein which, when combined with water, make dough elastic and able to hold the gas from yeast and steam during baking which causes bread to rise.

Gluten flour is made from hard wheat that has had both the bran removed (as in white flour), and the starch, leaving it with proportionately more gluten protein. So much in fact, that the protein in gluten flour generally ranges about 75 to 80% (measured dry basis) -- compare that with Bread Flour, with protein ranges of 12 to 14% protein. (Gluten flour is often added commercially to some regular flours to boost the protein content, making them into Bread Flour.)

Gluten flour is generally used in bread recipes where you need to boost the gluten content of the flour being used -- whole wheat, for instance -- or to give them gluten content, period -- flours such as rye or soya, so that they can hold yeast gases and rise.


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