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What is nutritional yeast?

Quite simply, it’s the deactivated form of a strain of yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the same species as baker’s and brewer’s yeast (deactivated is another word for dead or non-living yeast, that can no longer ferment).

The yeast is yellow in colour and is available to buy from health food stores or supermarkets in the form of flakes, granules or powders. 

“It’s grown on a sugar medium before being dried and then processed into a food product,” says naturopath Robyn Chuter. 


Why use nutritional yeast?

For vegans, vegetarians and people with dairy intolerance or other health issues, nutritional yeast is a safe and tasty substitute for cheese in many recipes. 

It contains no animal or dairy products, no starch, wheat, corn or soy, has low salt and no artificial colours or flavours. It’s also very low in saturated fat. The other reason nutritional yeast is trending right now is because it’s packed with health-boosting nutrients. 


What nutrients does nutritional yeast contain?

Nutritional yeast is high in B vitamins like thiamine, folate, B6 and niacin that are especially useful in helping the body activate its energy reserves, says Chuter. 

As well as B vitamins, nutritional yeast contains magnesium, copper and manganese and is a good source of dietary fibre. 

Most nutritional yeast products also contain vitamin B12, but it’s not naturally present. “It’s usually added to the yeast to fortify it,” says nutritionist Sarah Moore. 

“Nutritional yeast is high in protein, containing 8-10g per two tablespoons, and it’s also a complete protein and can contribute to your daily protein requirements.” 

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