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Join Fithealth Nutrition in reducing our wastage in Schools. 

Stickybeaks Reusable Lunch Bags are perfect for School Lunch Orders, and they are reusable! No more digging around trying to find a paper bag for a lunch order, and hoping the money doesn't fall out.

Check out the features:

  • Made from non woven polypropylene (like green shopping bags) as it is durable and easy to clean
  • Extremely easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Reduces paper waste.
  • Hygienic zipper pocket to separate money from contact with food.
  • Wallet in a closed position.
  • Transparent pocket displays name & class.
  • Clear pocket with zipper for money & written lunch order.
  • Size of Lunch Wallet is approximately: 23cm (H) x 18cm (W) x 10cm (D).

Pocket sizes and colours may vary.

Lunch Wallets available now available with 8 bright binding colours.



The Allergy Alert Lunch Wallet was specifically designed to alert that a child has an allergy.  

With its exclusive orange binding and alert symbol on the front of the bag, it is a must have for all children with a food allergy.

Reusable, great for the environment and your hip pocket!

Australian designer.