Health Food and Supplement Store at Bentons Square Mornington

So what do we do?

We are a hybrid, and we are proud of it! Our goal was to create one store that covers health and fitness for every family member- and we think we have achieved it. 

We are Sports Nutrition Range- covering your best selling brands of Proteins, Amino Acids, Pre-workouts, Fat Burners and Gym Clothing. 

We are Health Food -providing you with kitchen staples such as Quinoa, Nutritional Yeast and LSA. We also carry Pre-Packaged healthy food options from amazing companies including My Muscle Chef and The Protein Bread Co.

We are Holistic Health-with Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Superfoods for all Family Members. 

We are Skin Care- with Chemical free, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Organic Skin Care, Sunscreen and Makeup.

We are Eco Friendly- with items such as Bento Boxes, Reusable Produce Bags, and Glass Coffee Cups- and so much more.

We are Locally Owned. We are a Local Family. With Kids in the Local School. With Local Staff.  In your Local Shopping Centre. For Local Families. 

We are Fithealth Nutrition.